Exhibitor Invites

If you have received notice from Courtney that your exhibit has been accepted, join the Second Life Birthday group and request invite to the Second Life Birthday Exhibitors group so you can get to your parcel. At that time, one of the Exhibit Assistants or Sim Coordinators will hear your call and document that you “checked in” and also hand you a bag of swag. While you’re doing that, send through your assistants’ names in chat so they can be checked in. (Three assistants or less, please. Any more will be denied.) The main applicant needs to request their invite on their behalf.

Check in started today and you have until June 5 to get  a prim down to claim your parcel so if you couldn’t check in today, all was not lost.

If you have not received notification via email by June 2, drop a NOTECARD on KT Syakumi in-world and she can check status of your acceptance for you.



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2 responses to “Exhibitor Invites

  1. Van Caerndow

    How do we join the SL8B group?

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