If you could see what I see….

As our exhibitors work hard perfecting their offerings, ready for the big opening, I’ve been walking (flying/passing by on infinity cruise)  the sims, watching the work go up. There are some awesome exhibitions this year!  Yesterday I swam with a dolphin and was then abducted by aliens. Today I rode a mustache (that’s what I said) and then fell off a high wire (I was uninjured). There’s some amazing magical builds going on, all testament to “The Magic of SL’. However, to me, awesome as these builds are, there’s nothing quite as special as seeing someone who’s building skills may not be quite as advanced take a plot for the 1st time, and build something for us all to see, stretching their skills to the limit, because in SL, anyone can create. Now THAT’S the magic of SL!

KT Syakumi



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2 responses to “If you could see what I see….

  1. Ok… my question is answered, I received an invitation to play!! YAY!!! And thanks!! 🙂

  2. JuJu Starr

    Next year I’ll be building as an exihibitor and spinning too!

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