More About Advertising

Every year there is confusion over what is allowed and what isn’t when it comes to commercialisim and advertising, so I thought I’d post the set of guidelines that the volunteer staff are working to when assessing the builds.

Anything set for sale is not allowed unless it is for $0.00.

Anything that directly asks for money is not allowed. Links to websites
that ask for donations or LMs to areas where donations can be made are

Displays should not simply be an advertisement for their store or
business but should have content relating to our theme. I recognise
that every business that exhibits here does so to at least in part,
raise awareness of their brand, and that’s fine, but that should not
be the primary reason or major theme of their build.Click to receive an LM givers are ok provided they’re not saying
“Click here for an LM to our store where you can buy these products”Any reference to the SL Marketplace or other goods for sale site is not allowed.

Logos should be non intrusive. Company logos plastered all over the
build or signs stating ‘we are the number one in SL because…’ are
not allowed.

Builds cannot contain any real life or virtualworld brand names/logos/pictures etc UNLESS the builder has written

permission from the owners of the brand. It’s a fair bet that anyone
showing a Disney product, or the Nike logo (for example) doesn’t have
permission. Twitter and facebook links are allowed but they need to
conform to the twitter and facebook brand requirements as found below.

Clear as mud now.

KT Syakumi


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One response to “More About Advertising

  1. Licky

    Unfortunately there are still people ignoring this blatantly.

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