We Answer Some Burning Questions

In no particular order:

1. Can we hold events on our parcels? Events of a few hours every now and then are fine. More or less permanent parties aren’t.

2. Why are the sims closing on the 15th? Sims are closing at midnight on the 15th (or one minute past 11.59pm SLT or PDT (2359 hours)) to allow us to check every parcel for adherence to the rules and to set up the sims ready for opening. The sims reopen to exhibitors on the 18th and 19th to enable you to make any changes required as a result of the check. The 18th and 19th are also press days.

3. Adherence to the rules? You all received a list of builders policies when you were accepted. In short, we are looking for:

Prim Limits – 234 maximum

Builds to be fully inside the parcel boundary

Absolutely no megas

Excessive scripts – in particular the spammy notecard giver that actively listens for avatars. Passive ‘touch to receive’ signs are much better.

Temp rezzers are not allowed.

Floating signs – are visual pollution. So 2006 – we can do better than this.

Maturity rating – all sims are rated G (or PG for older viewers – it’s the same thing). If you can’t show it to your kids or your granny, it shouldn’t be here. If you have to ask whether something is PG or not, it probably isn’t.

Advertising and Commercialism – Your display should not simply be an ad for your business – I will blog more on this next post.

4. ZOMG!! What if it doesn’t meet the rules? I don’t want it to be returned! We will not just return any build that doesn’t adhere. If we have a problem we will contact you and let you know what needs to be done.

5. I see an empty plot. Can I use it? No. We have a 1 plot per exhibitor policy. Some empty plots have been claimed but not yet built on. Others remain empty but are used to help lag and prim ‘headspace’

6. I don’t like my neighbours. Can I move? No. Plots were assigned in a purely random order and we all get what we get. The volunteer staff do not have enough time to shift everyone around till they’re happy.

More later as they come up.


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