Got muffins ? How about talking muffins ? How about talking, adventure taking muffins ?

So tonight and for the next few days I’m going to be writing a series of blogs featuring some of the creations at sl8b while we are still closed to the public. call them spoilers, teasers, sneak peeks. what ever makes you feel better about reading this blog post. Please don’t click continue reading  if you don’t want the sneek peek.

Visions of Muffins at Cake Walk at sl8b

So the first sneak peek is about April Kohl build and i honestly have too say it shows the magic of what is second life for not only April but for myself and others when we went to visit her build. April has the kind of eye you see in a builder who cares more about content of their creation than for flash. I find that rather refreshing myself. Her build tells a story that goes something like this

Old Red Muffin wants to go on an adventure. He’s heard there is magic to Second Life and wants to find out what it is. Mrs Muffin isn’t keen on that idea and the children on Muffin Land are scared she will set them more homework if Old Red isn’t around to distract her. They need your help to uncover the secret of the magic of Second Life if they are to be spared the doom of extra homework!

Wonder what muffin tastes better yellow, blue or pink ?

    Will you come and visit the muffins and help them avoid more homework I know I did and i have to say they seemed happy in the end

Quick everyone into the balloon with Red Muffin !

You can locate cake walk at the following slurl on the sl8b regions. Open to the public on Monday June 20th 2011.

Happy 8th Birthday Second Life

Kev Sweetwater


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One response to “Got muffins ? How about talking muffins ? How about talking, adventure taking muffins ?

  1. Oh my. I’m glad you like the display. Thank you so much for this write-up, it’s lovely. 🙂

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