SL Magic comes in all forms…..

The Magic of SL takes many forms. There’s the obvious amazing displays and builds, but there’s also the less obvious but equally (if not more so) magic ones, such as this exhibit by Danny Noyes.

Danny suffered from a mental disorder. He joined SL to try to escape further from reality and to contemplate suicide. But what Danny found in SL was a support network in groups and individuals that helped him get through his depression and start him on the road to recovery. Part of this process was his immersion into SLs art culture and that helped him start painting again. Now he has a new project. In his own words:

“The avatar Project is a collaborative effort between TAMI Second Life and the founders of TAMI Real Life. The project involves painting the images of 300 avatars from second life and producing them on a large canvas that can be exhibited in the real world.

The idea behind this project is to highlight two things. Firstly to shine another spotlight on Bipolar and mental health in general and secondly, to espouse the virtues of a virtual life. ”

The project requires 300 images of avatars to be painted in real life and produced for exhibition. If you would like to be involved please contact Danny in world. You can see his exhibit at



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