More Important Info for Exhibitors

We’re almost there – the builds are looking awesome and we’re almost ready to open. We just have a few issues to bring to your attention regarding some of the builds.

1. Copyrighted Material – Linden Lab have stated categorically, NO COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL! And yes, they used caps at me.  If you want to use RL (or even SL) brand info/logos/pictures etc in your build, you MUST have written permission from the brand owner to use them. DCMA is a serious business and as LL are endorsing this event, they do not want dcmas served on them. Our policy from now on is that any copyrighted materials found in the builds WILL be returned.

2. Megas – we’ve asked and asked. LL have again stated – no megs on any LL event (they didn’t use caps this time \o/). Regardless of how you feel about the rule, it IS the rule and you agreed to respect it. Please remove all megas from your build before we do it for you.

3. Prims – you have 234. Your neighbour has 234. Everyone has 234. No one gets a special deal. Again, it’s the rules like it or not. If your parcel has more than 234 prims then you need to reduce them now. Either you decide which to remove or we will.

4. Tip jars – again – just not allowed and will now be returned

5. Floating Signs – visual pollution – we hate them. Surely SL has grown past this. Be inventive people!

6. Be nice to your volunteers. They’re unpaid and doing this because they love to help. If they contact you about a problem, they’re NOT doing it to pick on you.

Now I’ve said all that, let me now say that most of you are awesome and your builds rock! Most of you have done them inside the limits imposed too which is doubly awesome. So thankyou to all those people who have checked their own builds and fixed the issues before we saw them AND to those you have changed them after we’ve been in contact. We’re 90% there – lets aim for 100%.




And no, we won’t stop checking after we open – just in case you think you can sneak something back in. We’re watching!


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