It’s over……or IS it?

The parties are over. The stages are empty once more. The hardworking resident volunteers who organized and ran the stages have slunk off to recover a weeks worth of sleep. The amazingly cheerful greeters who handed out the goodies and helped you around the sims are asleep where they dropped, under the huge welcome area tree. As I push my broom around the stage floor (someone has to sweep up) I thank everyone who worked, planned, schemed and attended this Second Life 8th Birthday party.  SL8B wouldn’t have been what it was without the amazing input of all the volunteers that gave their time and efforts this year and it wouldn’t exist at ALL if not for the may exhibitors, DJs, artists and performers who built and partied and provided the content that filled these amazing 21 sims. A huge thank-you to you all.  And what would the point of SL8B be if not for everyone who came to view these amazing exhibits and partied 24/7 at our incredible stages or listened to our speakers at the auditorium. SL8B was Second Life’s Birthday, but you were all the guest of honour.

And of course a big thank you to Linden Lab who sponsored this event, and indeed created this world we enjoy warts and all. Happy Birthday Second Life – we couldn’t have done it without you!


The parties have finished now, but the exhibits are still around for another week. Come take a wander around the 21 sims in the quiet and marvel at the work of our exhibitors. The sims are open until 11.59pm, July 2nd.




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