Daily Events

In our celebration of Second Life‘s Eighth Birthday, Prim Perfect Publications is hosting a series of daily talks, discussions and TV programs at SL8B. Here you can read something about them each day!
Sunday 26th June
Today our schedule is all about TV. We have Metaverse Arts, looking at the Art that has been shown at SL8B at 2pm, while at 6pm, Saffia Widdershins will be talking to three of the key people at treet.tv – Wiz Nordberg and Texas Timtrams, and RacerX Gullwing, whose Giant Snail Racing has long been a staple of the Treet schedules! And between those two, there’ll be an episode of the popular treet.tv quiz show, the 1st Question with the incomparable Pooky Amsterdam and Hydra Shaftoe.

Metaverse Arts at SL8B

Metaverse Arts at SL8B

2pm: Metaverse Arts LIVE!
Host Tricia Aferdita and special guest host Rowan Derryth will take you on a mini tour of some of the artistic creations the Second Life birthday celebration has to offer. They will be checking out the works of Kerupa Flow, Nessuno Myoo, Kicca Igaly, Empyreal Dreams and Windyy Lane in a tour that takes you from Tsunami-swept Japan through the virtual world and into the lands of magic and literature.

The 1st Question at SL8B

The 1st Question at SL8B

4.30pm: The 1st Question LIVE!
Pooky Amsterdam and Hydra Shaftoe’s popular quiz programme, the 1st Quuestion, will be coming live from the Main Auditorium of SL8B at 4.30pm.

treet.tv in conversation at SL8B

treet.tv in conversation at SL8B

6pm: Media within Media – talking to treet.tv
And the final discussion of the SL8B celebrations is with three of the key people involved in treet.tv – four, if you count Saffia herself! She will be talking to Wiz Nordberg and Texas Timtram, the people behind the cameras of treet, and to RacerX Gullwing of the popular (and hilarious) Giant Snail Racing about the past, the present and the future of broadcasting in the metaverse.


And that’s it! We’ve all had a fantastuic time, meeting all of you who attended, and talking to some amazing people. We hope you’ve all enjoyed the series of talks, discussions and programmes that Prim Perfect have hosted for the Second Life Birthday Celebratuion – and we hope that you will look out for future Prim Perfect events and join us again soon!


 Saturday 25th June
Today is all about the virtual as we begin at 2pm by talking about how two very different designers, Fornicola Butuzova and Elle Kirshner – use implicit narratives to create their homes and furnishings. At 4pm, today’s Meet the Artist will see Rowan Derryth discussing issues of virtual identity with fourworlds Ra, AKA Botgirl Questi while at 6pm, we’ll be discussing the whole question of what has – sometimes – been identified as virtualism. But is it? And what value does realism have in a virtual world? We’ll be attempting to answer that at 6pm!

Meet the Designers: Creating a Narrative

Meet the Designers: Creating a Narrative

2pm Prim Perfect presents: Makers of Magic: The Power of Narrative in Design with Fornicola Butzova of PreFabulous and Elle Kirshner of Second Spaces
When we asked designers at the Home and Garden Expo in May what inspired them to create, two of them talked about the power of stories in their work. Fornicola Butuzova starts with light and a story in her mind when she creates a new home; she will have a very clear idea of who lives there (which will have nothing to do with the eventuual owner!). Elle also has people in mind as she creates some of her scenes … Aunt Mary’s Art Shed, for example – and these have now begin to reference each other. Lean more about this fascinating way of creating at 2pm.

Botgirl: the Artwork

4pm Prim Perfect Presents Ekphrasis: Virtual Identity – Rowan Derryth talks to fourworlds Ra, AKA Botgirl Questi.
Well today we aren’t really going to meet Botgirl Questi – because Botgirl isn’t real. Well, she’s an avatar. But avatars are real, no? But Botgirl is a character – so we’ll meet Botgirl’s artist, fourworlds Ra. Who is an avatar. Wait…

Another layer of Botgirl

Avatar identity is the topic today, and we’ll chat with the artist behind Botgirl, a popular avatar/character who sees his creation as the artwork itself. We’ll consider issues of identity and expression in the virtual environment, and why the ‘real world’ seems so uncomfortable with those of us who ‘embody’ a virtual avatar. Muppets may be involved.

The panel will consider the concept of Virtualism as theorised by Raven Haalan

6pm: Prim Perfect Presents Creating a Community: Virtualism, with Raven Haalan, DB Bailey, Kaya Angel and Rowan Derryth
Over a year ago, shortly before SL7B, Raven Haalan published at thoughtful post on the Prim Perfect blog that attracted a lot of attention and comment around the blogsphere. He discussed a concept which he named as “virtualism”, an art movement for the metaverse where things didn’t need to depend on the laws of real life physics, and where the only limit to our creativity was our own imaginations. But is this concept valid? Do people want or even need realism in their virtual environments? How does that affect artistic creation and – perhaps even more significantly – the way we live here? We’ll be discussion all this at 6pm this evbening with Raven Haalan, the art critic and historian Rowan Derryth, the artist and architect DB Bailey who famously works in light, and the owner of the stunning Rose theatre, Kaya Angel, who has created a meticulously realistic environment to house the myriad productions that the Rose Theatre stages.


Friday 24th June
Today we’ll have the opportunity to talk to two amazing designers in our 2pm talk as Colleen Desmoulins and Pitsch Parx join Elrik Merlin. At 4pm, Rowan Derryth wll be talking to leading machinima maker Chantal Harvey, while at 6pm we’ll be looking at creating a community based around a common interest (or, if you prefer, fandom) when Saffia Widdershins meets the Timelords – the followers of the famous British TV programme, Dr Who).

Meet the Designers: Setting a Style

Meet the Designers: Setting a Style

2pm Prim Perfect presents: Makers of Magic: Setting a Style – Colleen Desmoulins of The Loft and Pitsch Parx of UrbanizeD
In our recent series of Designer talks at the Home and Garden Expo, we asked our interviewees which designer within Second Life had been most influential. And designers of a wide variety of styles, ranging from recent arrivals from the teen grid to leading and well-established designers, said that Colleen Desmoulins of The Loft had inspired them. With such a track record, you might expect Colleen to be resting on her laurels – instead she is still leading innovation on the grid with stunning new product; her delightful breakfast table (released at this year’s Expo) is currently on my deck!

Pitsch Parx is another designer to have had a important impact on the grid with his stunning and innovative designs. He’s also well-known for the help and encouragement he offers other designers – in a design market that is well-known for the readiness of designers to work supportively, Pitsch is seen as an inspiration. His collaborative sim design at the Home and Garden Expo was a highlight of the event, and his latest exciting plan (which he will be explaining at this interview today) offers new opportunities for collaboration and development.

Meet leading Machinimatographer Harvey today at 4!

4pm Prim Perfect Presents Ekphrasis: Machinima – Rowan Derryth talks to Chantal Harvey

Through this week’s artist talks, one thing has come through clearly: machinima are both a fascinating new art form, and perhaps one of the best ways to get exposure for virtual art to the wider world. Chantal Harvey is one of the leading machinimatographers in Second Life and beyond. Her films truly do capture the ‘magic’ of Second Life in their thoughtful composition and use of beautiful locations, as seen in this short ‘Dreams we Live’:

Chantal left her career in Dutch television behind to focus on machinima full-time. She works regularly for festivals (she did the SL8B promo machinima!), and is a pioneer and advocate of the art form, having founded such inititatives as the Ma Machinima International Film Festival (MMIF), and is the producer for the machinima portion of the 48 hour Film Project. We’ll be chatting about this, as well as her work with the Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA), particularly the ‘Month of Machinima’ project. Meanwhile, why not enjoy some of her fantastic films on YouTube?

Creating Communities: Meet the Timelords

Creating Communities: Meet the Timelords

6pm: Prim Perfect Presents Creating a Community: Fandom in Second Life – meet the Timelords: Saffia Widdershins talks to some of those behind the different Dr Who communities in Second Life
There’s a vast number of different fandoms that meet and form communities in Second Life. Among the strongest are the various communities that make up Dr Who fandom 0- and we’l be talking to a wide selection on our panel today, including:
Oolon “Sputters” Sputnik : Long time Dr Who fan in SL and one of the founding members of the New Gallifrey/Hands of Omega roleplay group, also host of the Dirty Whoers Podcast.
Terry Lightfoot : Long suffering assistant to Oolon Sputnik. Also lead designer for Visions of Pythia, and co-host of Dirty Whoers Podcast
Sen “Da Lord President” : Founder of Hands of Omega, President of the New Gallifrey High Council Roleplay, and co-host of Dirty Whoers Podcast
Doctor Bernard : Owner of Paradox Island (Lewisonia region) and editor of the well known TARDIS Newsroom http://tardisnewsroom.blogspot.com/
Tristan Avedon : Owner of Who Island region, hosting events and parties in the Dr Who community for the U.S time zones, also co-owner of W.I.T.S
Louis Trapani : Well known in the Dr Who community, Louis is the co-host of Doctor Who: PodSHOCK, one of the longest running Dr Who podcasts.
Victor1st Mornington : Co-Owner and general layabout of the Doctor Who Expo (Katrina region), the oldest Dr Who region in Second Life

Thursday 23rd June
Today we are going to be asking some interesting questions. Together with four talented and leading designers, we’re going to be looking at how designers can create challenges that inspire themselves, at an artist whose creations challenge our perceptions, and at a group of estates that face the challenge of keeping a wide and diverse community of users engaged and involved – the Steamlands.

Meet the Designers: Designer Challenge

Meet the Designers: Designer Challenge

2pm Prim Perfect presents: Makers of Magic: Challenging the Designers – Froukje Hoorenbeek of Dutchie, Isla Geleach of Cheeky Pea, Pandora Popstar of L.I.S.P. Bazaar and Gala Charron of Art Dummy
With the plethora of hunts, freebies and special “days” of the week, how can designers find fresh ways of engaging with their client base AND provide themselves with challenges that keep them interested and involved? Froukje Hoorenbeek and Isla Geleach have started a series of challenges that are exciting a wide range of designers across the grid. Learn more about this – and other challenges that designers face – in our 2pm session,

It's a Misprint Thursday!

The at 4pm Prim Perfect Presents Ekphrasis: Variable Media & Collaboration: Rowan Derryth talks to Misprint Thursday. Continuing on with our discussion of virtual art, today we’ll be chatting with an expert in New Media who is not only a talented artist but a gifted musician as well. From her website:

Misprint Thursday’s music can be described as weird or avant-garde – it is, but the biggest selling point by far is her contemplative lyrics and passionate performance. With a background in visual art, it’s clear that Misprint Thursday remains unbound by the conventions of recorded music; her creative spirit shines through in her many collaborations with fellow Indabians. With a style akin to Kate Bush and Vashti Bunyan, Misprint Thursday is a refreshing aural treat.” ~Indaba Music

Misprint Thursday is both practitioner and curator, having coordinated multiple exhibits in collaboration with other artists, such as her recent group project ‘Visualizing Theorum’, where she commissioned a series of works based on her collaborative album of the same name. We’ll talk about this project as well as her other multi-media installations. Misprint is a wonderfully unpredictable woman, and this talk is surely not to be missed!

Visitors from the Steamlands join us at 6.

6pm: Prim Perfect Presents Creating a Community: Steampunk environments with speakers from Steelhead, Caledon and New Babbage – talking to Ceejay Writer
There are many definitions of ‘steampunk’ , but one concise, useful version comes from the Urban Dictionary: “Steampunk is a subgenre of speculative fiction, usually set in an anachronistic Victorian or quasi-Victorian alternate history setting. It could be described by the slogan “What the past would look like if the future had happened sooner.” Or perhaps you’d prefer author Jess Nevins take on the genre: “Steampunk is what happens when goths discover brown.”

Within Second Life, Steampunks (and their 1920’s-1940’s counterparts, Dieselpunks) thrive in various regions, which grouped together are known as “The Steamlands”. Please join Ceejay Writer as she introduces Mosseveno Tenk, the Clockwinder of New Babbage, Wordsmith Jarvinen and Martini Dicovalante, Deans of Education for Caledon Oxbridge University, and Tensai Hilra, one-half of the creative force behind Steelhead, in a discussion that will touch upon the visionaries that collaborate to created elaborately themed cities. Learn more about social and educational community events in a time yet to come – or has it already passed? Those interested in roleplay may learn of opportunities to be character-creative. History and fashion buffs are welcome to romp down the timeline as well! If you are simply mad about steampunk, or just love any excuse to wear a fine hat, you’re certain to learn something that’ll really float your airship!


Wednesday 22nd June: Supporting Businesses, the UWA, and moving between genres
Today we talk to designers who are crossing genres – from furniture (and homes) to fashion, and from fashion to furniture (and homes). Meet Maxwell Graf and GM Nikolaidis, talking to Elrik Merlin! In our Ekphrasis session, Rowan Derryth will be talking to one of the great enablers and supporters of art in Second Life – University of Western Australia (UWA) in SL founder and director Jayjay Zifanwe, And our 6pm discussion will be about Prim Perfect’s programes to support fledgling businesses in Second Life – and well be asking … should Linden Lab be doing more to support this area of the economy?

Meet the Designers: From Furniture to Fashion - and Back!

Meet the Designers: From Furniture to Fashion - and Back!

2pm: Prim Perfect presents: Makers of Magic: From Furniture to Fashion – Maxwell Graf of Rustica and GM Nikolaidis of HomeKraft
What are the challenges for experienced designers when they move into a different field? Elrik Merlin will be talking to two well-known designers who have expanded their work into whole new areas, and learning what they’ve discovered. Maxwell Graf, the creator of Rustica, is well known for his amazing furniture designs – such as he latest collection of beautifully crafted low prim furniture ion the Mission style. But now he is working on an exciting range of edgy fashion that is getting people talking! Meanwhile, GM Nikolaidis, creator of the popular (and much-missed) Spork clothing line (and highly talented artist and photographer), has moved into homes and furnishings with his HomeKraft range. What have they discovered as they explore new challenges? Come to this discussion and find out!

Learn more about the UWA 3D Art & Design Challenge!

4pm: Prim Perfect Presents Ekphrasis: The Reception of Virtual Art. Rowan Derryth talks to University of Western Australia (UWA) in SL founder and director Jayjay Zifanwe about the UWA 3D Art & Design challenge, which in just a year has grown to be the largest virtual art competition on any grid. The challenge has enjoyed a great deal of support from the UWA, and we’ll talk to Jayjay about the reception of virtual art in ‘real’ space, continuing our consideration of how we can make such work accessible to a wider audience.

Building Communities: Pathfinders and Trailblazers

Building Communities: Pathfinders and Trailblazers

6pm: Prim Perfect Presents Creating a Community: Supporting Business – the Prim Perfect Pathfinder and Trailblazer programmes with Qwis Greenwood, Saffia Widdershins (and some of the Pathfinders and Trailblazers)
Finally today, we have a discussion session about the Prim Perfect Pathfinder and Trailblazer programmes. These are two business support programmes run by the magazine – Pathfinders for new businesses and Trailblazers for established businesses seeking an opportunity to grow to the next level. You will have the chance to meet some – at least – of the Pathfinders and Trailblazers and to ask questions of Qwis Greenwood (the mentor for the programme) and Saffia Widdershins. You can read more about the Trailblazers and Pathfinders in the latest issue of Prim Perfect.

Prim Perfect is supporting a very full programme of special talks, discussions and TV programmes at the Main Auditorium over the week of the SL8B celebrations. For more information see: primperfectblog.wordpress.com


Tuesday 21st June: SL8B Day Two: Building Partnerships, Questioning Linden Homes and Virtual Art
Do you have a Linden Home? Would you like one, but are reluctant to pay for a premium membership? Or perhaps you would like one if they offered a different style, or a different sense of community? We’ll be talking about this today in our 6pm session.

Or perhaps you want the sophistication of a rather larger home, with furniture to complement it … and in today’s 2pm talk we’ll be meeting designers who are working in partnership.

Meet the Designers: Partners in Creativity

Meet the Designers: Partners in Creativity

2pm Prim Perfect presents: Makers of Magic: Partners in Creativity – Nikki Brennan of Brennan Homes, LaDonna Upshaw of Sweet Romance Furniture, and Cheewha Palen of Ambiance
Desiree Bisani and Cheewha Palen came together to create the store Ambiance Furnishings in May 2007 (the month that Prim Perfect started!). Theirs is a fascinating blend of a shared philosophty as to how their designs should work (they were among the very first designers to create menu driven pieces, for example, coupled with an idividuality that draws on a range of styles to create an overall harmony.

Nikki Brennan and LaDonna Upshaw, owners of Brennan Homes and Sweet Romance Furniture, respectively, met for the first time in the summer of 1998. Their introduction was arranged by Saffia Widdershins, a mutual acquaintance who was familiar with their work. Nikki had been in touch with Saffia previously, inquiring about talented furniture designers who might be interested in a joint business venture.

Prior to their first meeting, both women had visited the other’s business and, impressed by each other’s creations, knew after only one meeting that they would be a good match. Plans were laid for LaDonna to open a store next door to Nikki’s business in the early fall. In the three years that have passed since then, the two women have worked together closely to provide a unique offering of designs that compliment each creator’s style. Their businesses continue to grow and build a loyal customer base, establishing themselves as one of the places to visit in Second Life when shopping for a new home and furniture.

Question the reality of virtual art in our second session.

4pm Prim Perfect Presents Ekphrasis: Meet the Artist with Glyph Graves, PJ Trenton and Eliza Wierwight. Today Rowan Derryth talks to three celebrated artists about the very nature of virtual art itself. Each artist – previously interviewed in her Ekphrasis column – works in different medium: Trenton is a master virtual photographer, Graves a thought-provoking sculptor, and Wierwight is a virtual Renaissance woman who does a bit of everything. Through looking at their work and discussing their views on the consumption and display of virtual art, we’ll consider the ways in which it can be considered ‘real’ in the physical and psychological senses.

Creating a Community: Linden Homes

Creating a Community: Linden Homes

6pm: Prim Perfect Presents Creating a Community: Linden Homes – Finding a Way Forward with Cain Maven and Saffia Widdershins
Our last session of the day is an open discussion between Cain Maven of Maven Homes and Quantum Destiny Luxury Homes and Saffia Widdershins. Linden Homes have given a tremendous boost to furniture builders in Second Life (and Saffia is continuing her campaign to make sure that residents realise that installing a potted plant, a sofa, a sex bed and a cuddle rug is NOT furnishing your Linden Home!). Now can they also give a boost to the home builders of Second Life? And can they also be developed in ways that create a tronger sense of community? We’ll be discussing ways in which Linden Lab, house builders and landscapers could work together to develop the programme is exciting ways!

Prim Perfect is supporting a very full programme of special talks, discussions and TV programmes at the Main Auditorium over the week of the SL8B celebrations. For more information see: primperfectblog.wordpress.com


Monday 20th June
Designing Worlds, One Artistic Otter and Rather More KittyCatS! and Meeroos – Prim Perfect’s Programme of Discussions launches at SL8B!

Today is the first of our exciting series of talks at SL8B where – in our celebration of the birthday, we have arranged a series of special talks, discussions and TV programmes with and about many of those people making magic in Second Life.

SL8B: Designing Worlds live!

SL8B: Designing Worlds live!SL8B: Designing Worlds live!

Today we launch the series with a Designing Worlds show live from the event at 2pm SLT. While Elrik Merlin talks to some of those who have helped to make the magic of the event itself, Saffia will be out and about the site, exploring some of the great builds to be seen this year – and meeting some of the people behind them!

SL8B Live: Meet the Artist!

Then, at 4pm SLT, Rowan Derryth will have an otterly wonderful encounter with Scottius Polke, whose darkly whimsical paintings, drawings, sculptures and installations delight us all. The virtual identity of the artist Scott Rolfe, Polke’s work explores the ‘relationships between disparate ideas such as order vs. anarchy, innocence vs. corruption, nature vs. the machine… However, he places little moral judgment upon either side of these oppossing forces in the work. Rather, the art explores the dynamic that arises when these unlike forces are combined.’ Having explored his work in-depth in her article Ekphrasis: Scottius Polke, today Rowan will discuss immersive art with him, and the unique properties Second Life offers to virtual artists that cannot be achieved in the physical world.

SL8B: Creators of Community: Breedables

SL8B: Creators of Community: Breedables

And for our final event of the day, at 6pm SLT, we will be hosting the first of a series of discussions about Creating a Community in Second Life. Tonight the communities that we are looking at will be Breedables, and we have representatives from the world of KittyCatS! and Meeroos, who will be discussing how the communities have grown, and the ways in which they are sustained. And there will be a chance to put your questions to the creators too! Plus there will be the opportunity to meet the gorgeous creatures themselves… and to learn about a very special Birthday gift.

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