Cake Stage

Although correct at time of posting, all times and acts are subject to change without notice.

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Monday June 20

11am                Opening Speeches



2pm                 Skye Galaxy

3pm                 Wilplay Watanabe

4pm                 Bones Writer

5pm                 Davadean Madrigal

6pm                 Thumper Boucher

7pm                 SaraMarie Philly

8pm                 drfunk sandalwood

9pm                 drfunk sandalwood

10pm               peris ashton

11pm               peris ashton


 Tuesday June 21

 12am                Elle Serrari

1am                  Elle Serrari



4am                  Sim Restarts

5am                  Rattis Neutron

6am                  Rattis Neutron

7am                  Rattis Neutron

8am                  angecia

9am                  angecia

10am                Tabby Fenwitch

11am                Tabby Fenwitch

12pm               fingersatz barbosa

1pm                 Gins Allen

2pm                 JaaJaaMarie Philly

3pm                 JaaJaaMarie Philly

4pm                 FashionShow 2011

5pm                 FashionShow 2011

6pm                 Wytchwhisper Sadofsky

7pm                 Freestar Tammas

8pm                 SkyRider Sicling

9pm                 SkyRider Sicling

10pm               Spike Luckstone

11pm               BluJns Benoir


 Wednesday June 22

 12am                ladjgirl

1am                  ladjgirl



4am                  Sim Restarts

5am                  EddieGuitarDagger Sheryffe

6am                  Kiesta Aljon

7am                  buzz Paulino

8am                  Mak Marjeta

9am                  Mak Marjeta

10am                Yohana Carter

11am                Yohana Carter

12pm               HoninMyo

1pm                 Derrick Emerald

2pm                 Ayden Canis

3pm                 Ayden Canis

4pm                 ChelseaMarie Noel

5pm                 Bo Hoyes

6pm                 Harlee Lane

7pm                 Harlee Lane

8pm                 Carlie Lollipop

9pm                 Carlie Lollipop

10pm               GENOFREAK Knave

11pm               GENOFREAK Knave

Thursday June 23

 12am                Maribol Inshan

1am                  Maribol Inshan

2am                  Richie Woodland


4am                  Sim Restarts

5am                  Quinton Whitman

6am                  Mel Cheeky

7am                  TerryLynn Melody

8am                  Michelle75 Breen

9am                  Gwen Carillon

10am                Gwen Carillon

11am                Xilion Iceberg

12pm               Xilion Iceberg

1pm                 Chilly Cummings

2pm                 Chilly Cummings

3pm                 Declan Greenfield

4pm                 Injure Resident

5pm                 Injure Resident

6pm                 happy Binder

7pm                 happy Binder

8pm                 Jeremiah Barcelos

9pm                 Jeremiah Barcelos

10pm               VIP Lexington

11pm               VIP Lexington


 Friday June 24

 12am                Pmann Sands

1am                  Lexie luan and zorch boomhauer

2am                  Hazideon Zarco

3am                  OhMy Kidd & Saraine Sands

4am                  Sim Restarts

5am                  TAO Cyberstar

6am                  Nikita Lumet

7am                  Evil Maktoum

8am                  Evil Maktoum

9am                  Tanielino Benazzi

10am                Lux Smithson

11am                Lux Smithson

12pm               Amiga500 Acoustic

1pm                 Amiga500 Acoustic

2pm                 LYNN WYLDER

3pm                 LYNN WYLDER

4pm                 RavenSkye Waverider

5pm                 RavenSkye Waverider

6pm                 InControl Humbridge

7pm                 InControl Humbridge

8pm                 usmale Bigbear

9pm                 usmale Bigbear

10pm               Slidin Dreadlow

11pm               Slidin Dreadlow


 Saturday June 25

 12am                JamesDarkside

1am                  JamesDarkside

2am                  ilianor illios

3am                  aphrodite daysleeper

4am                  Sim Restarts

5am                  BGSinger Hermit

6am                  Surreel Skizm

7am                  Surreel Skizm

8am                  Isabella Rumsford

9am                  Krystal Devonshire

10am                Krystal Devonshire

11am                Offerus Fouquet

12pm               Amleth McCallen & Lollo String

1pm                 Icky Flux

2pm                 Arnie39 Tigerfish

3pm                 Arnie39 Tigerfish

4pm                 Sierra Sugar

5pm                 Sierra Sugar

6pm                 Shugar Rebane

7pm                 Shugar Rebane

8pm                 Jimmmy Sharktooth

9pm                 Jimmmy Sharktooth

10pm               DaemonChadeau Nemeth

11pm               DaemonChadeau Nemeth


  Sunday June 26

 12am                Erikkah Rubanis

1am                  MoShang Zhao

2am                  JamesDarkside

3am                  JamesDarkside

4am                  Sim Restarts

5am                  Tosh Donner

6am                  Greennote Freenote

7am                  Shellie Boucher

8am                  Birkie Cordeaux

9am                  Birkie Cordeaux

10am                Jean Collingwood

11am                Jean Collingwood

12pm               UncleSlappy Wylie

1pm                 UncleSlappy Wylie

2pm                 Kazerthan Zadark

3pm                 Kazerthan Zadark

4pm                 rinda DeCuir

5pm                 rinda DeCuir




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