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It’s over……or IS it?

The parties are over. The stages are empty once more. The hardworking resident volunteers who organized and ran the stages have slunk off to recover a weeks worth of sleep. The amazingly cheerful greeters who handed out the goodies and helped you around the sims are asleep where they dropped, under the huge welcome area tree. As I push my broom around the stage floor (someone has to sweep up) I thank everyone who worked, planned, schemed and attended this Second Life 8th Birthday party.  SL8B wouldn’t have been what it was without the amazing input of all the volunteers that gave their time and efforts this year and it wouldn’t exist at ALL if not for the may exhibitors, DJs, artists and performers who built and partied and provided the content that filled these amazing 21 sims. A huge thank-you to you all.  And what would the point of SL8B be if not for everyone who came to view these amazing exhibits and partied 24/7 at our incredible stages or listened to our speakers at the auditorium. SL8B was Second Life’s Birthday, but you were all the guest of honour.

And of course a big thank you to Linden Lab who sponsored this event, and indeed created this world we enjoy warts and all. Happy Birthday Second Life – we couldn’t have done it without you!


The parties have finished now, but the exhibits are still around for another week. Come take a wander around the 21 sims in the quiet and marvel at the work of our exhibitors. The sims are open until 11.59pm, July 2nd.




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Last Day for Stage Events

Wow time goes fast! It seems only the beginning of the week that we kicked off SL8B and here we are already with only one day of partying left! If you haven’t joined us yet, now is your last chance to party for SL8B on one of our awesome stages – Main, Cake, Park and DJ.

Although the parties are almost over, if you haven’t seen the exhibits, don’t panic. The sims will be open till July 2nd. This coming week is a great time to check out all the builds, as things will be quieter, meaning they rez faster!



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Lag at SL8B–What you can do about it

Note: This is a rewrite of a blog I did for Fashion for Life, an event I ran across 9 sims. The fundamentals of user-side lag issues remain the same. The folks at SL8B asked me to reprint and I rewrote it for this event. The original article can be found at my blog at

One of the biggest concerns with any event is the issue of lag. Lag is like the US Federal deficit—it seems to be getting worse and worse and definitely impinges on our enjoyment.

A lot has been written about lag, and there are a lot of myths and half truths. I have tried to get to the core of what we have control over and I want to explain to you what you can do to make your visit more enjoyable.

First, let me say that any sim that has 50 or more avatars moving around and doing things is going to experience some lag. It’s that simple.

Certainly there are ways that it can be counteracted from the sim side, and many of those issues have been addressed by Linden Lab and the volunteers for SL8B. I believe they have also asked that participants employ as many low lag measures as they can but they can not police them all.

The truth is that a lot of lag is client side.

I hate saying it’s you but it really is you. The biggest portion of lag comes from the user’s end. It comes from having a lower-end graphics card, a slower computer, a slower internet connection, and a poor set up. I can’t give you all new computers and better internet connections. (Gosh would I love to.) But I can give you some hints to make it all work better.

In short, my tips for making your time at SL8B (and everyone else’s) more enjoyable are as follows:

  • Make sure you are using a more current version of any client. Most old versions of LL’s 1.23 are obsolete. Get rid of them. Go grab a third party viewer or get v2.7 and stop complaining. (It’s much improved—really.)
  • Tinker with your Graphics preferences in your client:Take down graphics quality and performance.(Go to Preferences > Graphics and set to mid or low.) Some people call this “turning down draw distance.” Do it!Lag at Fashion for Life

Lag at Fashion for Life

Turn off anistropic and antialiasing. (Go back to Preferences > Graphics. In v1 viewers, check the “Custom” and click “Hardware Options.” In V2 viewers, click “Advanced” and “Hardware.” In that window, uncheck “Anisotropic Filtering” and make sure Antialiasing is set to Disable.)

Lag at Fashion for Life

Lag at Fashion for Life

Stop looking at other avatars. Do this by going to Advanced > Debug Settings > RenderAvatarMaxVisible and just take that down to 5. Really. If you’re not even looking at other avatars (which chances are you aren’t) this will just remove them from your graphics lag.

Lag at Fashion for Life

  • Close other programs you might have running. They may be hogging computer resources and bandwidth. You really REALLY don’t need PS, Firefox, iTunes, Messenger, and WoW running all at once. You need to be looking at the wonder of SL8B. This is a huge one that people NEVER pay attention to.
  • Adjust your graphics card to optimal settings. An interesting article about this (has not been tested on our side) is offered here.
  • Remove all scripts (including AOs). Too many scripts make the sim cry.
  • The following all go under the heading: “No one is looking at you anyway”(and most of this has to do with reducing scripts rather than ARC):
      1. Take your AO off. Waddle. Or install your AO if you are using Phoenix (find out how to here). (No one’s looking at you anyway. Really. We are all looking at the builds and not noticing someone else’s waddle. And if we ALL waddle, then we all look silly together. Besides we have derendered you so it really doesn’t matter—see above.)
      2. Wear system clothes only. It is not necessary to be naked. The avatar has to render anyway—doesn’t matter if it’s naked or not. But wearing prims will add a bit to graphics lag (and many contain scripts). So wear something sleek and sexy and system.
      3. Barefoot is in these days–no shoes or prim feet 😉 We all have the same fugly system feet. NO ONE’S LOOKING AT YOUR FEET!
      4. Wear a skin with a hairbase and skip prim hair. (You won’t look bald. In fact it’s kind of chic.)
  • Wait a few days and go later and enjoy leisurely, less-lag viewing. (It’s open from June 20-26 and the exhibits will be left up til July 3!)
  • Do not lecture others on their arc, scripts, etc. Mind your own business and don’t be a drama queen. Besides, running that arc indicator thing in your client increases YOUR personal lag.
  • Have patience. The sims are open for two weeks. You can hit two sims a night, slowly enjoy the incredible builds and spend all that time having fun.

Now, if you really want to know how the sim is running, if you REALLY think it’s not you, go to Statistics view and get a better idea:

Lag at Fashion for Life

If Sim FPS is running in the 10s or less, it IS the sim. They will restart the sims every day to clear the sims’ cache.

Look at the Packet Loss. If that is more than 0%, your connection is struggling. It’s not the sims. Call your internet provider 😉

Look at the Main Agents. That is how many people are on the sim. Remind yourself that 50 avatars on a sim will mean some lag. Find a less popular sim and go look at it.

I typically enjoy most of SL lag free because I have followed all these rules and then some. It really works! Come enjoy SL8B with me!

Harper Beresford


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More Important Info for Exhibitors

We’re almost there – the builds are looking awesome and we’re almost ready to open. We just have a few issues to bring to your attention regarding some of the builds.

1. Copyrighted Material – Linden Lab have stated categorically, NO COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL! And yes, they used caps at me.  If you want to use RL (or even SL) brand info/logos/pictures etc in your build, you MUST have written permission from the brand owner to use them. DCMA is a serious business and as LL are endorsing this event, they do not want dcmas served on them. Our policy from now on is that any copyrighted materials found in the builds WILL be returned.

2. Megas – we’ve asked and asked. LL have again stated – no megs on any LL event (they didn’t use caps this time \o/). Regardless of how you feel about the rule, it IS the rule and you agreed to respect it. Please remove all megas from your build before we do it for you.

3. Prims – you have 234. Your neighbour has 234. Everyone has 234. No one gets a special deal. Again, it’s the rules like it or not. If your parcel has more than 234 prims then you need to reduce them now. Either you decide which to remove or we will.

4. Tip jars – again – just not allowed and will now be returned

5. Floating Signs – visual pollution – we hate them. Surely SL has grown past this. Be inventive people!

6. Be nice to your volunteers. They’re unpaid and doing this because they love to help. If they contact you about a problem, they’re NOT doing it to pick on you.

Now I’ve said all that, let me now say that most of you are awesome and your builds rock! Most of you have done them inside the limits imposed too which is doubly awesome. So thankyou to all those people who have checked their own builds and fixed the issues before we saw them AND to those you have changed them after we’ve been in contact. We’re 90% there – lets aim for 100%.




And no, we won’t stop checking after we open – just in case you think you can sneak something back in. We’re watching!

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Too cute. I CAN has cheezeburger!

And just yummy!

This overdose of cuteness by Sanura Sakai is in the Astonish sim, next to the auditorium.


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Got muffins ? How about talking muffins ? How about talking, adventure taking muffins ?

So tonight and for the next few days I’m going to be writing a series of blogs featuring some of the creations at sl8b while we are still closed to the public. call them spoilers, teasers, sneak peeks. what ever makes you feel better about reading this blog post. Please don’t click continue reading  if you don’t want the sneek peek.

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More About Advertising

Every year there is confusion over what is allowed and what isn’t when it comes to commercialisim and advertising, so I thought I’d post the set of guidelines that the volunteer staff are working to when assessing the builds.

Anything set for sale is not allowed unless it is for $0.00.

Anything that directly asks for money is not allowed. Links to websites
that ask for donations or LMs to areas where donations can be made are

Displays should not simply be an advertisement for their store or
business but should have content relating to our theme. I recognise
that every business that exhibits here does so to at least in part,
raise awareness of their brand, and that’s fine, but that should not
be the primary reason or major theme of their build.Click to receive an LM givers are ok provided they’re not saying
“Click here for an LM to our store where you can buy these products”Any reference to the SL Marketplace or other goods for sale site is not allowed.

Logos should be non intrusive. Company logos plastered all over the
build or signs stating ‘we are the number one in SL because…’ are
not allowed.

Builds cannot contain any real life or virtualworld brand names/logos/pictures etc UNLESS the builder has written

permission from the owners of the brand. It’s a fair bet that anyone
showing a Disney product, or the Nike logo (for example) doesn’t have
permission. Twitter and facebook links are allowed but they need to
conform to the twitter and facebook brand requirements as found below.

Clear as mud now.

KT Syakumi

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We Answer Some Burning Questions

In no particular order:

1. Can we hold events on our parcels? Events of a few hours every now and then are fine. More or less permanent parties aren’t.

2. Why are the sims closing on the 15th? Sims are closing at midnight on the 15th (or one minute past 11.59pm SLT or PDT (2359 hours)) to allow us to check every parcel for adherence to the rules and to set up the sims ready for opening. The sims reopen to exhibitors on the 18th and 19th to enable you to make any changes required as a result of the check. The 18th and 19th are also press days.

3. Adherence to the rules? You all received a list of builders policies when you were accepted. In short, we are looking for:

Prim Limits – 234 maximum

Builds to be fully inside the parcel boundary

Absolutely no megas

Excessive scripts – in particular the spammy notecard giver that actively listens for avatars. Passive ‘touch to receive’ signs are much better.

Temp rezzers are not allowed.

Floating signs – are visual pollution. So 2006 – we can do better than this.

Maturity rating – all sims are rated G (or PG for older viewers – it’s the same thing). If you can’t show it to your kids or your granny, it shouldn’t be here. If you have to ask whether something is PG or not, it probably isn’t.

Advertising and Commercialism – Your display should not simply be an ad for your business – I will blog more on this next post.

4. ZOMG!! What if it doesn’t meet the rules? I don’t want it to be returned! We will not just return any build that doesn’t adhere. If we have a problem we will contact you and let you know what needs to be done.

5. I see an empty plot. Can I use it? No. We have a 1 plot per exhibitor policy. Some empty plots have been claimed but not yet built on. Others remain empty but are used to help lag and prim ‘headspace’

6. I don’t like my neighbours. Can I move? No. Plots were assigned in a purely random order and we all get what we get. The volunteer staff do not have enough time to shift everyone around till they’re happy.

More later as they come up.

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Our promotional machinima video is now ready!

Thankyou to the awesome Chantal Harvey for doing this for us!

If you can’t see the video here, you can go to

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Promote your SL8B!

This year we’re using the destination guide to promote your builds. If you want to be in the guide, here’s how to do it:

1. Email
2. Give the name/title of your build.
3. Give the description of your build.
4. Give the SLurl to your build.
5. Give any other pertinent information about your build that you might like to present to visitors.

If you’re a performer, here’s some places you can promote yourself:

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