DJ Stage

Although correct at time of posting, all times and acts are subject to change without notice.

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Monday June 20

 12pm               Bogas Delicioso

1pm                 Bogas Delicioso

2pm                 Dazzle Bracken

3pm                 Dazzle Bracken

4pm                 brainphrozen woodsheart

5pm                 brainphrozen woodsheart

6pm                 Sandy Peoples

7pm                 Sandy Peoples

8pm                 annemarie Rhiadra

9pm                 annemarie Rhiadra

10pm               Godiva Rugani


 Tuesday June 21

 5am                  Sim Restarts

6am                  Aribeth Zelin

7am                  Aribeth Zelin

8am                  savanna eternal

9am                  Sirasari Tammas

10am                Sirasari Tammas

11am                Morgana Hilra

12pm               Rangerfan Thymus

1pm                 Rangerfan Thymus

2pm                 InsyX Piranha

3pm                 InsyX Piranha

4pm                 Rykk Ferraris

5pm                 Rykk Ferraris

6pm                 Vixie Durant

7pm                 Vixie Durant

8pm                 JL Zinner

9pm                 JL Zinner

10pm               Lynn Wylder

11pm               Lynn Wylder


 Wednesday June 22

 12am                Candida Campese

1am                  Candida Campese



4am                  Candida Campese

5am                  Sim Restarts

6am                  everest piek

7am                  everest piek

8am                  Gleanr Ellsmere

9am                  Gleanr Ellsmere

10am                mcwurth bombastic

11am                mcwurth bombastic

12pm               Zola Bertrand

1pm                 Zola Bertrand

2pm                 Gilliam Saeed

3pm                 Gilliam Saeed

4pm                 ashlynne parkin

5pm                 ashlynne parkin

6pm                 Mahogany Melodie

7pm                 Mahogany Melodie

8pm                 Bannock Ogg

9pm                 Bannock Ogg

10pm               Splash Kidd

11pm               Splash Kidd

Thursday June 23

 1am                  Lockheed Slade

2am                  Lockheed Slade

3am                  renanyoy Oh

4am                  renanyoy Oh

5am                  Sim Restarts

6am                  Izumi Lane

7am                  Izumi Lane

8am                  Sunny Overland

9am                  Sunny Overland

10am                Arahan Claveau

11am                Siouxsie Seoung

12pm               Siouxsie Seoung

1pm                 Sir Brennen

2pm                 Sir Brennen



5pm                 Flattop Ewing

6pm                 Flattop Ewing

7pm                 Shane Hornet

8pm                 Shane Hornet

9pm                 Honey Franizzi

10pm               Honey Franizzi

11pm               VIP Lexington


 Friday June 24

 3am                  Yutaka Viper

4am                  Yutaka Viper

5am                  Sim Restarts

6am                  obi Galli

7am                  obi Galli

8am                  Mericat Ireland

9am                  Mericat Ireland

10am                Immm Back

11am                Immm Back

12pm               Kirstenlee Cinquetti

1pm                 Kirstenlee Cinquetti

2pm                 Able McAuley

3pm                 Able McAuley

4pm                 Psylocke Collingwood

5pm                 Psylocke Collingwood

6pm                 Michael Cela

7pm                 Michael Cela

8pm                 Solde Rothmanay

9pm                 Solde Rothmanay

10pm               Willilicious Georgette

11pm               Willilicious Georgette


 Saturday June 25

12am                barbarella bayn

1am                   barbarella bayn

 2am                  intrusivenature

3am                  intrusivenature

4am                  Candida Campese

5am                  Sim Restarts

6am                  Ronnie Pawpad

7am                  Ronnie Pawpad

8am                  ustine Cazenove

9am                  ustine Cazenove

10am                Summer Deadlight

11am                Summer Deadlight

12pm               Britsurfer Bauer

1pm                 Britsurfer Bauer

2pm                 QWARK ALLEN

3pm                 QWARK ALLEN

4pm                 Lady Avalira

5pm                 Lady Avalira

6pm                 Davey Swindlehurst

7pm                 Davey Swindlehurst

8pm                 Tempest Jewel

9pm                 Tempest Jewel

10pm               Healer Ladybird

11pm               Healer Ladybird


 Sunday June 26

 12am               Marcus Zenoria

1am                  Marcus Zenoria

2am                  Kristy Belar

3am                  Kristy Belar

4am                  aphrodite daysleeper

5am                  Sim Restarts

6am                  GOLAN Eilde

7am                  GOLAN Eilde

8am                  Nawty Moonites

9am                  Nawty Moonites

10am                Carbo Carducci

11am                Carbo Carducci

12pm               Eifachfilm Vacirca

1pm                 Eifachfilm Vacirca

2pm                 Amanda Shinji

3pm                 Amanda Shinji

4pm                 Howl Slade

5pm                 Howl Slade

6pm                 Sredni Eel

7pm                 Sredni Eel

8pm                 Meagan Quandry

9pm                 Meagan Quandry

10pm               lixxin zadark



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