Main Stage

Although correct at time of posting, all times and acts are subject to change without notice.

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URL Enchant

URL Astound


Monday June 20


5am                  Sim Restarts

10.30am           Sims open!

11am                Opening Speech – Kim Linden

12pm               Rock Rose (Bono Niekerk)

1pm                 Rock Rose (Bono Niekerk)

2pm                 Mommaluv Skytower

3pm                 Mommaluv Skytower

4pm                 Jahman Ochs

5pm                 Lauren Weyland

6pm                 Melody Paperdoll

7pm                 NOMA FALTA

8pm                 Manx Wharton

9pm                 OneSummer Rock And Blues Review

10pm               Lazarus Doghouse

11pm               RoseDrop Rust

Tuesday June 21


5am                  Sim Restarts

7am                  ELVERA LERNER

8am                  LaidBack Celt

10am                Geos Copperfield

11am                Lokki Merryman

12pm               James Corachea

1pm                 REALLYMAD Morpork

2pm                 Farrokh Vavoom

3pm                 Paradice Performing Arts

4pm                 Lyn Carlberg

5pm                 Thunderfoot Lorefield

6pm                 Debi Latte

7pm                 Vaughan Michalak

8pm                 Ganjo Mokeev

9pm                 LXIX Tomorrow

10pm               Chip Takacs


Wednesday June 22


5am                  Sim Restarts

8am                  Koja Writer (The Black Stripes)

9am                  DeadheadDMT Infinity

10am                nefer adder

11am                Shaun Macpherson

12pm               Mel Cheeky

1pm                 Suzan Littlething

2pm                 christopher Walmer

3pm                 Cobys Magic Show   *no stream; on voice

4pm                 Dagoth Graves

5pm                 Louis Volare

6pm                 Ray Weyland

7pm                 Keeba Tammas

8pm                 Dann Numbers

9pm                 Gypsy Quixote

10pm               Johnatar Resident

11pm               OneSummer Oh


Thursday June 23


5am                  Sim Restarts

7am                  TerryLynn Melody

8am                  Johnatar Resident

9am                  Tuna Oddfellow’s Odd Ball

10am                EddieBlueMagic & Doubledeuce

11am                Beth Odets

12pm               Alazarin Mondrian

1pm                 Nad Gough

2pm                 Pilgrim75 Swashbuckler

3pm                 FedoraJones Popstar

4pm                 Beccca baxton

5pm                 LANCE Rembrandt


7pm                 Tone Uriza

8pm                 Effinjay (Jaycatt Nico)

9pm                 strum Diesel

10pm               Troy Shoreland

11pm               RoseDrop Rust


Friday June 24


5am                  Sim Restarts



8am                  Lazarus Doghouse

9am                  ColeMarie Soleil

10am                Ma (marlo charlesworth)

11am                Elvina Carlucci

12pm               POL Arida

1pm                 Toran Babenco

2pm                 Antonio Galloway

3pm                 Songbird1028 Sorbet


5pm                 BUBBAC JOHN & THE BUBBETTE’S

6pm                 Manx Wharton

7pm                 The Fire (mysty mellison)

8pm                 NANCE Brody

9pm                 The Follow (Powers Avon)

10pm               Tequila Topaz

11pm               Stella Eros


Saturday June 25


5am                  Sim Restarts

6am                  Ray Weyland

7am                  Hiroshi Kumaki

8am                  Annan Dreamscape

9am                  Kiaranne Flanagan

10am                Torben Asp

11am                Bart and Whirl /bartelby Pegler

12pm               “IMAGINALS” (thedove rhode)

1pm                 ChangHigh Trinity Sisters Fireshow

2pm                 Andreus Gustafson

3pm                 CaseyFallen Popstar

4pm                 Miles11Hour/Miles Eleventhauer

5pm                 Starflower Orbit

6pm                 The Rock Shoppe (highscreen Gumbo)

7pm                 Elena Whitesong

8pm                 ReggieSunset Rookswood

9pm                 canuck jetcity / briarrain barthelmess

10pm               Society Burning (Daveoramma Zuhal)

11pm               Singularity Tribe (Alexi Ayres)


Sunday June 26


5am                  Sim Restarts


7am                  Favorite Sunday (Yoshimi Mayako)

8am                  Hiroshi Kumaki

9am                  Toran Babenco

10am                Bo Hoyes

11am                ~D R U M~ (Ladyslipper Constantine)

12pm               ChangHighTrinty Sisters Fireshow

1pm                 Zak Claxton

2pm                 Jie Loon


2 responses to “Main Stage

  1. i will be playing for Thursday 9am Tuna Oddfellow’s Odd Ball and appearing Saturday 12PM with the imaginals . . would love to do a solo spot if one becomes available – unfortunately this year i was thwarted with internet problems that prevented me from getting involved with SLB as in previous years! Looks a great line up – looking forward to this very much!

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