Park Stage

Although correct at time of posting, all times and acts are subject to change without notice.

URL Stupendous          URL Mesmerize

Monday June 20

 5am                  Sim Restarts

12pm               Mankind Tracer

1pm                 Babycake Rhode

2pm                 Babycake Rhode

3pm                 Independent Ballet

4pm                 JaxxonRoxx

5pm                 Grace McDunnough

6pm                 wytchwhisper sadofsky

7pm                 SLCS Cheerleaders

8pm                 MoShang Zhao

9pm                 Godiva Rugani

10pm               Fantasy2u Deere

11pm               Fantasy2u Deere

Tuesday June 21

 5am                  Sim Restarts

6am                  Jaco Fitzpatrick

7am                  Jaco Fitzpatrick

9am                  Dena McMahon

10am                Dena McMahon

11am                JayStu Denimore

12pm               Scotty Glasswing

1pm                 Gabryel Nyoki

2pm                 Wolfie Moonshadow

3pm                 MalVMoo

4pm                 AintMrBehaving Ghost

5pm                 Timid Worthington

6pm                 Melodee McDonnell & CTM Underwood

7pm                 Melodee McDonnell & CTM Underwood

8pm                 DaddyAdam Gartner

9pm                 DaddyAdam Gartner

10pm               Scorpion Swansen


Wednesday June 22

 5am                  Sim Restarts

6am                  StarChild Sinclair

9am                  DJKiT Tone

11am                Nhaomi Morrisey

1pm                 Doofus Luckless

2pm                 posesiva ella

4pm                 Royaaron Neximus

5pm                 Joaquin Gustav

6pm                 Kit Guardian

7pm                 Cypress Rosewood

8pm                 CraigGore Redfield

9pm                 Malu Zhao


Thursday June 23

 5am                  Sim Restarts

6am                  divadragon

8am                  Roselynn Darkstone

10am                Dementia909 Demina

12pm               Gina Gracemount

1pm                 Riff Gaffer

2pm                 Wacoede Unplugged

4pm                 Bradley Gazov

6pm                 JessieDane Ember

7pm                 Zya Savira

9pm                 Janelle Arashi

11pm               Scorpion Swansen


Friday June 24

 5am                  Sim Restarts

6am                  Dena McMahon

8am                  KINGOZZIE Kwaszes

10am                jamie Cheeky

12pm               obiwan mcleod

2pm                 nixu Zsun

4pm                 Evil Maktoum

6pm                 FrankLee Anatra

7pm                 Damian Carbenell

8pm                 Gwen Carillon

10pm               Raven Cinquetti


Saturday June 25

 5am                  Sim Restarts

6am                  Ayaka Eel

8am                  Milla Puddlegum

10am                Buddy Winsmore

12pm               Lyndon Heart

1pm                 ryo maynard

2pm                 carlos kirshner

3pm                 EDWARD KYOMOON

4pm                 dance8girl

5pm                 ALLISTER WESTLAND

6pm                 Siren Producions & SL Art Couture Presents SL8B Birthday Fashion Show

7pm                 Twinstorm sciarri

8pm                 Healer Ladybird

9pm                 ZeroOne Paz

10pm               Justme34 Pearl


Sunday June 26

 5am                  Sim Restarts

6am                  SkyRider Sicling

9am                  Luscious Giano

11am                bong Crescendo

12pm               Cranston Yordstorm

1pm                 Sean Namori

2pm                 Yannis Martynov

4pm                 Bialar Classito


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