Sl8b related blog’s and website’s

This is the repository for bloggers information so visitors can locate them all in one location . Comment your url and we will check it is sl8b related and add you below.

Thanks and Happy Birthday Second Life

SL8B’s Official Flickr Group

Uccello Poultry –

Colemarie Soleil –

Ferd Frederix – for info on “Come You Nigh: Kay Shuns” at SL8B

Cagedsnail – We just started ours and plan on running it throughout SL8B with cool builds categorized. :)

Daniel Voyager – Check out my blog with the latest SL8B news, videos and historical info.

Splash Kidd –

Kara Trapdoor –

Thinkerer Melville –

Caitlin Thomas –

The Lionheart Times –

Inara Pey –

Chic Aeon –

Allison Selene –

Soup Radio –


19 responses to “Sl8b related blog’s and website’s

  1. for info on “Come You Nigh: Kay Shuns” at SL8B

  2. The July schedule on Soup Radio is going to be a SL8B special, we’ll be touring the sims, talking about our discoveries, including the good, the bad, the ugly, and our conclusions on the event. If you have a plot there do send us a landmark and we’ll definitely check it out for possible inclusion.

    As exhibitor, Greeter AND resident ;)) I will blog daily about SL8B!

  4. Here’s a link to a brief posting with some pictures I did at the DJ Stage last weekend


  5. Only one post for now but planning to to more after my visit 🙂 YAY!

  6. If you would like to join the SL8B MegaHunt, stop by SLurl: Magnificent/232/233/21/ to get your WebHud link and instructions. Many exhibitors have objects in the hunt! There is currently 158 items in the hunt. Prizes include 1st place: 10,000L, 2nd place 5,000L, 3rd place 2500L and other various prizes donated by exhibitors. Any questions? Contact Cherub Spectre or Master Kaos. See you there!

  7. My blog about SL8B, written partly for my real life friends, who wonder why I spend so much time here.

  8. Second Life Newser will also be covering SL8B.

  9. Can you please update the link from me and take my name out and just put the blog title thank you its not a personal blog:

  10. Lord Lisle

    Congratulations LL! Keep on with the good work!

    You may be interested in viewing the recent entries in our Blog after our visits to the SL8B exhibition grounds 🙂

    Keep well,
    Lord Lisle

  11. The Creative Economy In Second Life PRESENTATION
    Given @ SL8B Auditorium 22-Jun-2011
    Very well received with 600 subsequent hits on the online slides as word has spread.


    “Tropical Creations Interactive Dolphin Trick Show”

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